What should you not do during separation?

What should you not do during separation?

04-Jul-2021 | Article by Legal White Official

Divorce, separation etc. is not a quick process, however in case of separation, there are certain things which are a strict no-no in order to get a judgment in your favor. Though it might not be easy to forget the things happened in the past between your spouse, however one should not take this matter as revenge or try to punish the other.

The experts and lawyers have compiled a list of mistakes which the separating spouse generally commit. One should avoid these mistakes as it will only delay the judgment or maybe you might not get the judgment in your favor along with additional costs of the litigation which you might incur. Below are some of critical mistakes one should avoid while being in the process of separation.

Involving your children or other family members in your dispute – You must never forget that the dispute which occurs at home impacts the children considerably. There is a high chance the children might get affected because of the argument between you and your spouse in a way which might hamper their growth and development due to which their own lives get disturbed in future. Apart from this, some people also publicize their dispute due to which unconcerned people get involved which does more wrong than expected. You also should ensure that, the due respect is to be given to the parents of your spouse no matter how bad the situation may be. 

  • Criticizing each other in front of the children – You must be extra conscious not to curse or abuse your partner in front of your children, because children might take the criticism to themselves and can even get disturbed for their entire life.
  • Changing the financial status – Care must be taken to ensure that even while being in the process of separation you should think as a whole with regards to all the financial matters. Do not withdraw excess amounts from the joint bank accounts which you have, as it can be deemed as extravagant and unconcerned behavior and the court may take action against you on this.
  • Bulk purchase and disposition of property – Do not make any large purchases and the same time do dispose or sell any assets or property without the written consent from the partner during the period of separation. This is important to understand as it damages your credibility and the court might penalize you over this.
  • Taking care of your mental and physical health – It is understandable that the period of separation is completely uncalled for you might not have got time to prepare for it, even though it is important to look after your health. Divorce and separation can be mentally and physically taxing and it is advisable maintain your health routine such as exercise, nutrition etc. It is also recommended to join a support group to vent out the anger and grief which might accumulate with the course of time.

To conclude, following the above points may be easy for the person giving it, however it may not at all be easy for you but at the same time, you must understand that, separation and divorce is not end of the road and you should prepare yourself for new ventures and opportunities in your life ahead. It is highly recommended to take help from experts in these matters as it doesn’t take long for the issues to get tricky.

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