How to File An RTI Application

How to File An RTI Application

26-Nov-2021 | Article by Legal White Official

1. TheRTIAct 2005 allows citizens to seek information from central and state governments. To exercise this right, one must write an application that mentions their name as well as "Application under RTI act 2005."

2. To apply for RTI, you must write your application in English or Hindi. You can address it to the official language of that area as well."

3. Mention the name and address of the office from which you need information.

4. To speed up the process, you should write your request in the form of specific questions. Ask for documents or extracts if required and make payment worth ₹ 2 per page, which will only take 10 minutes from the start till finish!

5. You have to attach a copy of your RTI fee as prescribed by the government. You can pay this money either through an IPO or DD to look legitimate on file with them and ensure success for applying later!

6. Write your name, address, contact details, email ID, and sign the application. Mention the date and the name of your city.

7. Make sure you have a copy of this document for your future references. At the end of the application, "Acknowledgement that I am an Indian citizen is important"!

8. The law states that information is shared within 30 days. If this doesn't happen, you can file an appeal with the authorities: The Appellate Authority and/or Information Commission for States or Central Government departments (depending on which entity has been incorrectly handling your request)—failing those options? You could take it up directly through our appeals process!

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