Why RTI Appeal is Necessary to Know About MP/MLA Fund Details? Plus, Top 2 Other pieces of Information

Why RTI Appeal is Necessary to Know About MP/MLA Fund Details? Plus, Top 2 Other pieces of Information

26-Nov-2021 | Article by Legal White Official

Have you recently found your sitting MP or MLA roaming around the city in a completely spick and span luxury car? If yes, then chances are high they may have bought it using government funds, i.e., entirely unethical. Though it’s none of your business to monitor how they are acquiring so much wealth, it is necessary to check whether they are utilizing the public’s money for their financial gain. Also, since your elected representatives get access to the government’s treasure to complete the proposed development projects, they are legally bound to answer whether your taxes are getting spent correctly or not. Now, the question arises how to get that information? For that, you might say filing an RTI Request can help; we agree. But what if the concerned PIO doesn’t provide you with a satisfying answer or “simply” rejects your RTI request? Well, that’s where “RTI appeal” comes into the frame.

Now that you got a brief overview of “RTI appeal,” it’s time to jump onto the next important topic in this primer, i.e.,

Why is RTI appeal crucial to get MP/MLA fund details?

As you all know well that “corruption” is a common phenomenon in most state and central government institutions, it is vitally important to eradicate it from the root. But the question is, “how?” For that RTI request or appeal is an effective way to bring transparency and accountability in government activities. It means if you file today an RTI online, you can get the information about the financial resources of your current MP or MLA with ease.

What is the RTI fee to know about MP/MLA fund details?

The fee for the RTI application specified by the government is INR 10. And when you prepare an RTI application, please make sure to address it to the Public Information Officer of the concerned department, not anyone else. 

 Remember, 30 days is the maximum timeframe for the concerned PIO to provide you with the required information. However, if they fail to do that, the “next thing” you can do is submit the first appeal addressing the appellate authority. And in a rare case, if that also doesn’t get you the desired information about MP or MLA funds, you can submit a second appeal addressing the information commissioner of your state.

How can professional RTI filing firms help?

Since preparing a well-written RTI application is instrumental before submitting it to the concerned authority, the commercial RTI filing agencies can help you file MP/MLA Fund RTI by drafting it according to RTI Act 2005. For any reason, if you decide not to involve them in your RTI application process, the possibilities are high; your RTI Request or appeal will get rejected for not following the proper drafting format. 

Concluding Remarks

We hope you learned now the need to file an RTI appeal for MP/MLA fund details if your first RTI Request fetches no response. So, if you liked what you just browsed through and want your RTIs drafted by an esteemed panel of Supreme court and High court lawyers, please reach out to a highly acclaimed RTI filing agency in India now. 

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