Supreme Court of India Pushes for Hybrid System in Court Proceedings

Supreme Court of India Pushes for Hybrid System in Court Proceedings

02-Feb-2023 | Article by Legal White Official

The Supreme Court of India has recently emphasized the need for all courts across the country to adopt a hybrid system for hearing cases. In the current scenario, where the pandemic has forced many countries to shut down their physical courtrooms and shift to online proceedings, the Supreme Court has taken a forward-thinking approach to ensure that the judiciary continues to function efficiently.

The hybrid system of hearing cases refers to a combination of physical and virtual proceedings. This approach enables the courts to continue functioning while also ensuring the safety of lawyers, judges, and litigants, by reducing the number of people physically present in the courtroom. The Supreme Court has urged all courts to adopt this system to ensure that justice is not impacted due to the pandemic.

In its recent order, the Supreme Court has highlighted the need for all courts to have the necessary infrastructure and technical support in place to facilitate virtual hearings. This includes access to reliable internet connectivity, secure video conferencing facilities, and digital courtrooms.

Moreover, the Supreme Court has also directed all courts to ensure that the proceedings are conducted in a secure and confidential manner. This is particularly important for cases involving sensitive matters such as those related to national security, or those that involve commercially sensitive information.

The Supreme Court's direction to adopt a hybrid system for hearing cases is a step in the right direction. It not only helps the judiciary to continue functioning efficiently but also ensures the safety of everyone involved in the legal process. The adoption of a hybrid system is a reflection of the Indian judiciary's commitment to ensuring that justice is delivered even during challenging times.

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