How can you File RTI Online Punjab?

How can you File RTI Online Punjab?

02-Dec-2021 | Article by Legal White Official

The right to information act was passed by parliament to authorize citizens of the country to seek information from any public authority. The Government, private bodies, organizations financed by the government, and likewise are bound to provide the ask information if online RTI is filed by a person.

State of Punjab constituted the State Information Commission, Punjab on 11th October 2005 to implement an RTI act in the state for the benefit of its citizens. Sector 17-c, Chandigarh is the head office of the State Information Commission Punjab.

File online RTI Punjab

 Filing an RTI can answer many issues and complaints of citizens. If done in the right way it can help us in bringing the change in much-needed issues like, water issues, road issues, corruption issues, and more.

Before filing an Online RTI in Punjab know these few basic rules which would make online RTI filing simple and quick.

1.     Identifying the information for online RTI Punjab

Identify the information beforehand; be clear about what you want to fill your RTI application for. The reason for RTI can vary on state and central level, sometimes there is a dual-type of issue that needs to be filed at both center and state level, like deployment of funds and central and state level. Caste certificate’s status, ration card-related supplies, voter card issues. An issue like these should be thought through before filing an RTI for the same.

2.     Identify the department for online RTI Punjab

Getting the department right for filing the RTI right is the second step after identifying the information required. File online RTI Punjab in the correct state department. Recognize which department can answer which query.

For example, any question or complaint related to your tax should be filed with the Department of Excise & Taxation, Punjab. Issues related to roads, electricity, water etc. should be filed in Municipal Corporation. The application needs to be submitted to the right department to get the appropriate answer.

3.     Filling in the RTI Application

Applicants can fill in the RTI application in Hindi, English, or Punjabi. There is no specific format for writing down the RTI questions and other details in the RTI application.

What all should be included in RTI online Punjab

  1. The RTI application is addressed to the Public Information Officer (PIO)
  2. Personal information
  • Complete Name of the Department along with its address ( you can file name and address easily online) or refer to the department list
  • Applicant’s full name

Information to be filled in Online RTI Punjab

  • Explain your issue or complaint brief like subject line
  • The time period of information from which it required
  • Detail of issue for which you are applying RTI online Punjab
  • Mode of receiving the answer from the relevant department like in person or through the post
  • Receiving and answering via post includes additional charges which need to be paid at the time of online RTI submission.

If you need to file an RTI for acquiring multiple information’s don’t put everything in one application. File different online RTI for different application

Submitting an RTI online Punjab

An RTI Punjab Application can be submitted in person in the particular department or it can also be sent through registered or speed post

  • Get an acknowledgment slip whenever you submit your RTI application
  • Make a declaration that you are Indian citizens or else your RTI might get rejected

Having explained all of the above there is no official way of filing an online RTI Punjab

All you have to do is click on the given link Reach us through a quick chat or register with us for complete support. We will make it simple for you

Click on the link, RTI online form fill in the simple form, and leave the rest to our legal team

Need help in filling the form or need to talk to expert contact us and understand how it works


RTI Online Punjab fees

No RTI application is submitted without paying the appropriate fee. For Filling RTI online Punjab a person needs to pay Rs. 10 which can be paid directly to PIO, in cash, or through Demand Draft.

Note: According to the RTI Rules, 2012, Citizens who belong to the Below Poverty Line are not required to pay any RTI fee. Moreover, a BPL applicant is required to attach a copy of the certificate issued by the government with respect to the RTI application.

When can you expect a response to your RTI

Expect a reply within the 30 days. If no information has been provided to you or you are not satisfied with the information provided by the state government, you can escalate it further by filing an appeal to the Appellate authority. Go for the second appeal in case you don’t get the answer-back or are still unsatisfied; the second appeal can be filed within 90 days. Read more

Filling an RTI can be as simple as you want it to be, read on frequently asked questions for more information on RTI act 2005.


RTI FAQS guide 


Punjab Government Departments

  • Municipal Corporations (Patiala Municipal Corporation, Bathinda Municipal Corporation, Amritsar Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana Municipal Corporation etc)
  • Punjab Vidya Bhawan (Punjab School Education Board),
  • Punjab Water Supply & Sanitation Department,
  • Punjab Public Service Commission,
  • Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd, Punjab University,
  • I.K. Gujral Punjab Techncial University,
  • Greater Mohali Area Development Authority,
  • Punjab Urban Development Authority,
  • Amritsar Development Authority,
  • Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority etc.


Visit for complete list and more information on RTI Punjab. You can read about RTI act in both English and Punjabi.


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