How can you File RTI in Haryana?

How can you File RTI in Haryana?

02-Dec-2021 | Article by Legal White Official

       As a citizen of a democratic country filing, RTI is the basic right. Are you facing delays in public service? File an RTI, authorities not paying attention to broken roads or street lights, file an RTI. Right to information act 2005 permits every Indian citizen to exercise this right and ask for information if required. Haryana state governments allow the people residing in Haryana to file an RTI following the RTI act 2005. Since it’s a lengthy document let’s make it simple for you.

Step by step guide to Filing RTI in Haryana

RTI Haryana can be filed in both offline and online mode; let’s understand the process for both RTI online and RTI offline.

RTI Haryana – Offline Mode

Identifying the right department

The most crucial step is to recognize the department to which RTI needs to address. The state government consists of multiple departments and it is important to know which department can answer which query.

For example, any question or complaint related to your tax should be filed with the Department of Excise & Taxation, Haryana. Issues related to roads, electricity, water, etc. should be filed in Municipal Corporation.

For more clarity, you can refer to the list of departments in the Haryana Government given at the end of this article.

Writing the RTI Haryana application

A major part of getting the response to the RTI Haryana application depends upon how you are framing it. After recognizing the right department follow the below steps to write an apt RTI application for Haryana.

Acceptable RTI Format

  1. Look for a prescribed format given by Haryana Government to file an RTI. Find it here the RTI application for Haryana RTI (Click here). Take a printout and fill in all the given details.
  2. In case you don’t want to go through the hassle of printing out etc, filling RTI through the form is not compulsory. RTI application can be written and submitted on a plain A4 size white paper as well in English or Hindi or regional language.
  • Start by addressing it to state PIO (public information officer)
  • Write complete Name of the Department along with its address ( you can file name and address easily online) or refer to the department list
  • Applicant’s full name

What Information is required in RTI

1. What to write in RTI application - Write briefly what information are you looking for

In which regard information is required, what is your complaint or issue, write a subject line here

Mention the specific date or period for which information is being requested

Describe your complaint or issue for which you are filing an RTI Haryana

  • How do you prefer an answer to your RTI Haryana in a post or in person, if you prefer postal then additional postal charges will be applied
  • Make sure to get an acknowledgment slip when the RTI form is submitted
  • Complete your application by making a declaration that you are an Indian citizen otherwise, the application would be rejected

2. To get an answer to your RTI Haryana keep it simple and direct, file a single RTI for a single issue. If you have multiple issues then go for different RTI for different issues.

  • For example, you want to know why there is an increase in school fees and you also want to about some fault in the education system of the area.
  • File 2 different RTI, one RTI with several questions can lead to rejection. For more details on Haryana RTI guidelines and rules click here (link of Haryana state website)

Paying RTI Haryana Fees

The RTI application will not be accepted until the Fee is paid. Either attach a court fees stamp or pay it in the office and take the acknowledgment slip. Pay Rs 50 for RTI Haryana.

Note: According to the RTI Rules, 2012, Citizens who belong to the Below Poverty Line are not required to pay any RTI fee. Moreover, a BPL applicant is required to attach a copy of the certificate issued by the government concerning the RTI application.

Submitting Haryana RTI

You can send RTI Haryana Application in person in the particular department or it can also be sent through registered or speed post

RTI Haryana- Online RTI filing

Although there is no official system for filing an online RTI in Haryana, you have an option of filing it through legalwhite. All you have to do is reach out to us and we will make it simple for you.

Click on the link, RTI online form fill in the simple form, and leave the rest to our legal team

Need help in filling the form or need to talk to expert contact us and understand how it works

When can you expect a response to your RTI

Expect a reply within 30 days. If no information has been provided to you or you are not satisfied with the information provided by the state government, you can escalate it further by filing an appeal to the Appellate authority. Go for the second appeal in case you didn’t hear back or are still unsatisfied; the second appeal can be filed within 90 days. Read more

Filling an RTI can be as simple as you want it to be, read on frequently asked questions for more information on RTI act 2005

RTI FAQS guide 


Haryana Government Departments List

Includes Haryana State Government Departments and local governing bodies in Haryana

  • Municipal Corporations (included Municipal Corporation of cities in the state like Faridabad, Panchkula, and Hisar)
  • Haryana Medical Council
  • Haryana Staff Selection Commission
  • Haryana Public Service Commission
  • Haryana State Pollution Control Board
  • Haryana Urban Development Authority
  • Town and Country Planning Haryana
  • Revenue and Disaster Management Haryana
  • Department of Technical Education, Haryana
  • Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Ltd.,
  • Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Ltd.etc.)
  • Town councils and Gram Panchayats come under the ambit of the Haryana RTI Act.
  • Department of Elementary Education, Haryana
  • Department of Economic and Statistical Analysis, Haryana
  • Department of Environment, Haryana
  • Department of Excise & Taxation, Haryana
  • Forests Department, Haryana
  • Department of Higher Education, Haryana
  • Department of Industrial Training & Vocational Education, Haryana
  • Department of Industries & Commerce, Haryana
  • Department of Institutional Finance & Credit Control, Haryana
  • Department of Labour and Employment (Haryana)
  • Department of Land records & Consolidation, Haryana
  • Department of Rehabilitation, Haryana
  • Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Haryana
  • Department of School Education, Haryana
  • Civil Aviation Department, Haryana, etc.

Visit and

for complete list and details 

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